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The Jerome Center

A Parochial Training Institute of

The Parish Church of St. Jerome

Brief Introduction. The “St. Jerome Center for Christian Thought and Practice” (The Center) is a parochial training institute that offers short and long-term courses on Christian theology, scripture, spirituality, ministry, worship, outreach, and parish administration for lay leaders, candidates for ministry, the ordained, and religious across the Independent Sacramental Movement.

While the scope of study and engagement are considerably more intense than typically offered in a parochial setting, courses are within reach of students who do not yet have advanced theological training. To this end, The Center is partnering with the Society of Mercy’s St. Gabriel’s School of Theology to offer non-credit certificates, diplomas, and licentiates for interested participants.

Format. Center courses will be taught in person at the Parish Church of St. Jerome and via Zoom for participants outside of “Green Country.” Short term courses will run weekly for one month. Long term courses will run weekly for 3 months or more. Courses may also be offered in a “weekend intensive” format. Course materials and assignments will be managed through Google Classrooms.

Accreditation. As a parochial training institute, The Center will not seek accreditation with the US Department of Education as it does not intend to offer courses for academic credit. As The Center grows and evolves, it may choose to be certified to offer continuing education credits and pursue relevant affiliations and partnerships that would further its mission as a parochial training institute.

Financial Considerations. There will be an application fee for Center students designed to cover the cost of a background check. Additionally, course fees will be charged per student, per course, per week. For instance, a student taking a four-week short course at the course rate of $10 per week would be charged $40. A graduation fee will also be assessed to students in certificate, diploma, and licentiate programs at the end of their courses of study.

Launch Course. The Center will begin its offerings with a year-long certificate course in Christian Spirituality. "Foundations in Christian Thought and Practice" utilizing the text “Devotional Classics: Selected Readings for Individuals & Groups” (R. Foster & J. Smith, eds. Harper Collins Press). This course will provide a firm and broad foundation in Christian theologies and spiritualities through the life and witness of Christianity’s most influential thinkers organized around six themes: Preparing for the Spiritual Life, The Prayer-Filled Life, The Virtuous Life, The Spirit-Empowered Life, The Compassionate Life, and The Word-Centered Life. This course will begin in September of 2021. Application and enrollment forms will be available in May. 

More Information. For more information, email or find us on Facebook at 

Center Staff

Fr. Joshua Shawnee, SSM - Director

Mr. Gary Cornett - Center Liaison 

Mrs. Dee Meeks - Student Services 

Ms. Joyce Lynch - Registrar and Bursar 

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