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Around the Parish October 3, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

First, let me simply remind everyone that this Sunday we will celebrate St. Francis and all of God's wonderful creation. Our Mass includes our annual blessing of the animals. If you are unable to bring your pets, you may bring a photo of them.

Whew, it has been an emotional week for me! I was selected for Jury Duty and was selected to serve on a heart-wrenching law suit regarding a car accident and the resulting injury. I learned that I'm not quite as hard-nosed as the majority of my fellow jurors. (Is that a good thing or a bad thing?) I think that is because as a pastor, I have learned that life is messy and that many of us make poor decisions. Those decisions often make things more complicated than necessary. We can sometimes be so foolish. Why do we do that?

I am also profoundly moved by the video playing on TV of Brandt Jean's comments regarding the Dallas Police Officer who shot his brother as he sat eating ice cream in his own home. He said, that because of his faith in Jesus Christ, he chose to forgive her. He actually asked to hug the police officer who, in her confusion, killed his brother. It is an example of Christian love, faith, forgiveness and compassion.

These two experiences have impacted me this week. We can make poor decisions - perhaps even deadly ones. But compassion, forgiveness and grace can overcome even our brokenness. It is something for me, and perhaps for us all to ponder.


Fr. Dewayne

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