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Around the Parish November 14, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

Although I was not with all of you physically on Sunday, I was with you in spirit, and in fact, worshiped with you via our live stream. Worshiping online, is not the same, but it is at least a way to stay connected.

Regarding the idea of "staying connected," I want to lift up our Stewardship theme this year: The Way of Love. Walking in the way of love does require something of us. Love is a two-way street. Love is more than just receiving good things, it is about also sharing good things. It is about caring for one another. It is about being with others in their time of need. Walking in the way of Love sometimes requires us to let go of our own needs, desires, or wants in order to help a brother or sister out. Perhaps it might be a good time to remember that we have several folks who are experiencing difficulty - with health, with emotional or financial difficulties, or simply who are afraid of the uncertainties of life. Walking in the Way of Love calls us to accompany our sisters and brothers along the way.

Through my involvement in doctoral classes, through my ecumenical contacts, and through my travels this week, I have had several opportunities to share with others what is going on with our parish family. What I find is that folks are genuinely intrigued about what we're doing and how we are bringing together folks from a wide range of backgrounds. They marvel at the concept that we can find unity in our diversity.

We are a unique group of folks, sisters and brothers. It is not something to be ashamed of. Rather this should be a genuine source of pride because it reflects none other than the breadth and scope of the vast dominion of God.


Fr. Dewayne

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