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Around the Parish May 9, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

What a joy it was to celebrate our mini Fiesta on Cinco de Mayo after church on Sunday. Not only was there yummy food, there was a sense of joy and fun. This is what fellowship in the Body of Christ is supposed to be like. This is what communion, community and family is all about. This is what God asks of us.

We had several visitors with us on Sunday. Some were visiting from St. Mathews (we're always happy to have our Episcopal brothers and sisters with us). But others were those who simply found us from the internet, or who came to purchase Tamales. I am convinced that what our visitors experienced was a church full of joy, diversity, and love. And I know that some of them left with a good impression regarding what we've begun here. They look around and cannot help but see that God is up to something exciting.

I have said it before, and I will continue to say it again, your presence, your participation, your willingness to show up and belong to this family of faith is a kind of ministry. When visitors come to check us out, they naturally look around. If the visitors are a family, they want to see families. If they are gay or lesbian, they want to see gays and lesbians. If they are a minority, they want to make sure that they see other minorities. You can help make a person feel more connected, more included, and more welcome simply by being here.

As the summer approaches, it may be tempted to skip church. I hope you will at least give that a second thought. The Sunday you decide to stay home might just be the Sunday that a new potential member comes through the door. They might be needing to be greeted by someone just like you.

Thank you all for being church! Thank you for being a visible icon and image of the love of God. Thank you for celebrating the diversity found in God's dominion.


Fr. Dewayne

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