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Around the Parish May 2nd, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

As a reminder, this Saturday, is Scout Trash Day. Our Scout pack will be picking up trash in the neighborhood. Our Vestry has also approved this to be a Church Service Project. What that means is that this is a WHOLEparish project and we're all asked to pitch in and help. We're only working for 2 hours (from 10 am to 12 noon). So there will still be time to get other weekend chores done at home.

Don't forget that this Sunday is the our 2nd annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! This is a parish potluck and everyone is invited to bring a dish to share. (You might want to bring a friend or two with you as well!) You know we'll have some good "authentic" Mexican food! Yum!

As part of our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta we're also selling Tamales as a small church fundraiser. If you've ordered Tamales, be sure to bring money to pay for them. If you didn't place an order, for Tamales we'll have some extra on hand to sell. They are $12/per dozen. If you've bought authentic Tamales you know that is a good value!

Our Latina sisters and brothers are also selling raffle tickets for a large set of rosary beads. Be sure to purchase your tickets! We will be drawing for a winner during the festivities this Sunday!

Lastly, I want to simply share with you that I am mindful of our sisters and brothers in Reading, Pennsylvania. As you may know, Br. Ray and I established All Souls Church and I served as their founding Pastor for 5 years before being called here. All Souls is celebrating their 10th anniversary. We'll be remembering them in our Eucharist.


Fr. Dewayne

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