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Around the Parish March 5, 2020

Beloved of God,

How important is Lent to your spiritual journey? Some of us may loathe Lent because they feel it is too much of a downer. Others may use it as an excuse to lose weight, or to be a bit more healthy. Some of us may "try" to observe Lent, but fail. But the bottom line is this: Lent is as important as you make it. For me, Lent is a gift. It is not always one that I necessarily am ready to accept, nor one that is pleasant, but one that is needed and necessary. In a way, it can be like a vaccine or inoculation. (And these days vaccines are pretty good aren't they?) They prevent us from going too far off the rails. They keep our spirit from being infected by dis-eases.

Last Sunday I challenged us to all to remember that we are journeying with our brothers and sisters this Lent. We're in this thing together. Let's make this a good Lent not only for ourselves, but for our spiritual companions. How do we do that? We can do that by participating in the Lenten readings each day. (It is not too late to begin reading them if you haven't yet begun.) Or by using Lent as a time to pray for our parish and for one another. We can do that by sharing our time or our treasure. We can do that by encouraging one another. Whatever we do - we might consider that we do it as a gift for ourselves and for others. Let's make this Lent meaningful.


Fr. Dewayne

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