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Around the Parish March 2, 2020

Beloved of God,

There is a lot of important news in this week's Around the Parish. I urge you to read the news below! We are all struggling to deal with the COVID 19 epidemic, and our parish needs your support. Please consider the volunteer opportunities discussed below.

Each year, as we head into Holy Week, I always remind folks that this is the most sacred time of the Church year. I normally urge folks to set aside their normal activities in order to join us for worship on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Obviously, this year will be different. Rather than live-streaming worship services, Joshua and I will be recording abbreviated meditations and posting them on Facebook. I hope you will find them meaningful.

Beginning this Sunday, I urge all of us to do our best to enter into the sacred mystery of Christ's passion. Join us for worship on-line at 11:00 a.m. Spend time this week in prayer. (Be sure to include prayers for your parish!) Consider fasting on Friday. Continue with the Lenten meditations in the book we've been reading together. You might consider working in the garden on Holy Saturday while you are contemplating on how Jesus was buried in a garden tomb. Let your isolation inform the isolation Jesus felt as his disciples abandoned him. Let's inter into the mystery of our Lord's Passion. Let's keep the faith so that we can celebrate Easter - even if it is different this year. Holy Week is the week in which God's love is most clearly demonstrated. Don't turn away! Embrace it!


Fr. Dewayne

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