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Around the Parish March 12, 2020

Beloved of God,

I want to assure everyone that your Vestry and I have been in dialogue regarding the current concerns over the Corona/COVID 19 virus. For now there is no need to panic or to be overly concerned. And, we want folks to continue to join us for worship (unless of course you are feeling ill -

at which point you should stay home).

We are implementing a few changes that will hopefully keep everyone safe. We've outlined those changes below. Above all, the best way to fight the spread of this illness is to wash your hands.

This Sunday, we invite everyone to bring their own personal bottle of hand sanitizer. As a way to cut down on germs, we will have a "hand-sanitizer moment" during the Exchange of Peace.

This Sunday we will enter into the 3rd week of Lent - which means that Lent will be about half over. How are you doing with your spiritual journey? Have you been reading the daily meditations? Have you been increasing your time in prayer, fasting, giving or study? It is not too late to begin this if you've been too lax in your discipline.

Last Sunday everyone was given a rock and Joshua invited us to use the rock in our meditations. We were invited to use the rocks to build up rather than to use them to cast at one another. His challenge was a good one. Let's use this season wisely and purposefully. If we do we will all be in a much better place when Easter comes.


Fr. Dewayne

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