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Around the Parish July 3, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

We had a wonderful worship service last Sunday with several guests present. I want to offer a word of thanks to Jeff, choir and musicians for their hard work, to Raul who painted the new banners (which depict the Family Tree and the Tree of Life), our Vestry for putting together the presentation, the Hospitality team who set-up and cleaned-up our Potluck. You guys are terrific!

This Sunday we finally move into our summer-time groove. This does not mean that worship becomes any less significant. Your presence is still not only appreciated, but is needed. So please don't let your summer fun displace God and our worship time together.

This Sunday we'll begin offering classes on various spiritual practices. We'll learn various ways we can pray. These practices might enable us to be more attentive to where God might be leading or to what God might have to say to us.

I want to close by calling your attention to the Pastoral Letter issued by the Bishops of our Communion. (See the article below.) Like the leading Bishops of the Episcopal, Lutheran and Roman Catholic Churches, our Bishops want to remind us that we have a clear mandate to strive for justice and equity among all people - which includes the immigrant.


Fr. Dewayne

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