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Around the Parish July 18, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

As I have mentioned during announcement time in worship, we have had an unusually high number of illnesses and surgeries this year. In fact, we've sent out flowers to more parishioners in just the past three weeks than we did throughout all of last year. Frankly, it can become difficult to keep up with who is having what surgery when. (And some of our folks have had more than one surgery!) We rejoice that most of these surgeries have been successful and that our sisters and brothers are on the road to recovery. But others have not been so lucky. Some have been experiencing lingering and long-term struggles. Some are facing a prolonged period of recovery.

Perhaps like me, you can list off at least a hand-full of folks who remain in your heart and on your mind. And perhaps also like me you intend to follow up with them to see how they are doing and you end up getting side-tracked with other things on your agenda. I'd like to urge all of us to pause for a moment and consider who we've been missing. Who have we not seen in a while? Who is sick? Who is recovering?

Perhaps this would be a good time to reinforce the understanding that caring for one another is all of our responsibility. Reach out to these folks and remind them that they are loved. Pray for them. Send them a card. Take over a casserole. Be a brother or sister or just a good neighbor. Let folks know that you do care. It'll mean a lot to them. And it will mean a lot to you too!


Fr. Dewayne

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