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Around the Parish January 31, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

There is much to share about what is going on at St. Jerome's this week. On Saturday, we will be hosting a Memorial for HolliAnn May, the mother of Tristan, Trent and Tracy May (and the ex-wife of Douglas May). Please keep the May family in your prayers as they grieve this unexpected loss.

On Sunday, we will be celebrating Scout Sunday and several of our youngsters (those who are in Scouts) will be assisting in leading worship. It is a day to celebrate this new program in our church, to honor our youth and to encourage them in their faith.

After worship you are invited to join us for a Fiesta. We'll be observing the Mexican tradition of eating Tamales on the Feast of the Presentation, also known as Candlemas. Those who found a baby Jesus doll in their 3 King bread (Rosca) are traditionally those who supply the Tamales. Other folks are invited to bring a side-dish if possible. Good food? Hey you had me at Tamales!

On Sunday, during our Tamale Fiesta, we will also have an impromptu Baby Shower for Miriam Duran. The baby is due the second week of February, so the arrival of Baby Duran is close at hand. When was the last time we had a baby shower for one of our own? I suspect it has been a while. If you are willing, please consider bringing a baby gift (the baby is a boy).

Lastly, please review the prayer list. There are some folks who are experiencing some significant illness or other struggles recently. Let's keep the prayers going.


Fr. Dewayne

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