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Around the Parish February 6, 2020

Beloved of God,

Lent is quickly approaching and each Lent, I always struggle to figure out what kinds of Lenten programs would be of interest to you. In the past, we've tried a Lenten worship service, discussing books, we've tried daily meditations and last year we tried a Passion/Easter themed movie. More often than not, most of our Lenten offerings seem to start off OK but then fizzle toward the end.

I realize we all struggle with time. But, given this trend, I wonder what kind of program might work at St. Jerome's this year. What kind of program would you actually participate in? One idea that I am considering is to invite folks to read the daily meditations based on the Passion story of Jesus. We could use the book by Walter Wangerin Jr. entitled, Reliving the Passion: Meditations on the Suffering, Death, and the Resurrection of Jesus as Recorded in Mark. (I've included an Amazon link to the book below.)

If you could, I invite you to take a moment to let me know if this sounds appealing, or perhaps what kind of program you would rather participate in. Jot down your idea and hand it to me on Sunday. Or, send me an email. Forward me a link to something you found on the internet. Help me help you this Lent. Help me provide good programming that you want to take part in.


Fr. Dewayne

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