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Around the Parish February 27, 2020

Beloved of God,

Lent has begun! Those who attended our Ash Wednesday Masses heard me speak about how we are invited to take part in a journey this season. Yesterday was just the beginning. There is much to learn and disciplines to practice. We are called to share, pray, study, and repent. Above all, this is the season for forgiveness. I hope that this might be something we each commit to practicing. It is something we need in our world, in our community and within our own lives.

During this season I hope you will participate with me and others as we read the meditations found in the book, Reliving the Passion, by Walter Wangerin. I've already heard positive comments about his writings. In addition to these short daily meditations, Joshua and I will be writing a short comment and sharing it on Facebook. This will hopefully "expand" the meditations in a different way. And on Sunday, I hope we might share some feedback on what we've read thus far.

To help us enter into these meditations, I'd like to remind you that I will be offering a presentation on my Holy Land Tour. We'll convene upstairs in the chapel after a bit of fellowship at coffee hour. That will allow us to hear without trying to talk over other conversations.

I look forward to continuing our Lenten journey this coming Sunday. Hope to see you then!


Fr. Dewayne

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