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Around the Parish February 20, 2020

Beloved of God,

Some significant things are taking place this weekend. Bishop Rafe is in town and wants to hear from you regarding our common life together. He has several meetings planned, but still has available time on Friday and Saturday. He will be addressing the whole parish after worship. I hope you will make every effort to participate.

Next Wednesday, is an important day for us Christians. It is the day we officially begin our Lenten journey. As usual, we will be offering a simple (spoken) Mass with the imposition of ashes at noon and then a regular Mass with the imposition of ashes at 7 PM. This service will include music.

This Lent, you are encouraged to take on the discipline of reading a devotion each day and to participate in a discussion on Sundays after a bit of fellowship. The book we are inviting folks to read is entitled, Reliving the Passion and can be purchased on your e-reader. Our discussions regarding the book will be geared to help us get a "visual" of the world in which Jesus lived so that we can enter into the crucifixion story in a deeper and more meaningful way. I hope you will join us!


Fr. Dewayne

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