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Around the Parish February 14, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

Lately, I've heard a few folks say that we, as a parish, are becoming more catholic. I'm not sure what to make of this claim.

In truth, while we've always been Anglican-rite, we've still always been catholic.

We should always be clear: Anglicans are catholic - they are just follow a use a slightly different rite and hold a slightly different understanding about some points of theology than do Roman Catholics.

Recently, someone pointed out that our current liturgy is more catholic than what we used to use. Actually, that isn't true. Iv'e introduced a few changes from what was used before, but the liturgy we are currently using is actually from Enriching our Worship - which is an Episcopal (thus Anglican) resource. So we're still using an Anglican-rite - just a bit more inclusive and modern.

Perhaps it might be good to simply remind folks that my Masters in Divinity degree is from Virginia Theological Seminary - the largest Anglican seminary in the world. So I am thoroughly steeped in Anglican understanding and Anglican liturgy. That is what nourishes me spiritually. That is the ritual that I was trained in.

But, having stated this, I believe it is a good thing to always expand our understanding of our catholic identity. There is a wide variety of resources out there. As long as the theology is consistent, let's sample the richness of what there is to offer.


Fr. Dewayne

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