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Around the Parish February 13, 2020

Beloved of God,

Lent is quickly approaching. We only have two Sundays left before we dig into our 40-day Spiritual Renewal. Perhaps it might be a good time to consider what you intend to do for Lent. How will you spend those 40 days? Will you take advantage of the gift they offer, or will you hope to escape their challenge and skip on over to Easter?

I understand how Lent can seem like a downer for some folks. But Lent is supposed to bring discipline that enhances our life because it calls us to refocus and to pay attention to our spiritual needs.

This year, we will be using a book to help us along our Lenten journey. The book is entitled Reliving the Passion.

(A link to the book is found below.) I have ordered a few hard-back copies of the book. The cost for these is $12. One can also download the book from AmazonSmile to your e-reader for under $4. (Be sure to use AmazonSmile and designate St. Jerome as the beneficiary for a portion of the proceeds.) The book offers a daily meditation which takes the Passion story and helps us enter into it in a deeper way. We will also schedule a time to gather to discuss/reflect and perhaps get a visual of the land that is included in the story.

Lastly, be sure to bring your dried palm fronds to church so that we can transform them into our ashes for Ash Wednesday (February 26th).


Fr. Dewayne

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