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Around the Parish December 26, 2019

Sisters and Brothers,

Although gifts have been exchanged and post-Christmas Sales are now underway, Christmas is not yet over! In fact, the Christmas Season has just begun! Let me be the first to wish everyone a merry 2nd Day of Christmas!

I would pose this is one of the biggest "attacks" on Christmas - the tendency to rush through Advent and then put Christmas away when it has only begun. Don't set the Christmas tree out for the garbageman yet. Don't put away your manger scene yet. Let's take time to celebrate the season. Let's appreciate the gift of Christ.

At St. Jerome's we will continue our celebration of Christmas this Sunday with our annual Christmas Lessons and Carols. It is one of my favorites. Our service will include readings, hymns and prayers. It will also include Holy Eucharist. Hope to continue celebrating Christ with you this Sunday.


Fr. Dewayne

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