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Around the Parish, August 9, 2018

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Sisters and Brothers,

There are lots of things going on this weekend. First, there is a Float Trip planned for Saturday by Rack Brown. Folks will be leaving at 7 a.m. Then on Saturday evening, we invite everyone to meet up at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Sand Springs for a Hymn Concert by the Orthodox Men's Choir.

Then on Sunday we have our annual Tie-Dyed Sunday. Everyone is invited to wear their Tie-Dyed creations. Membership Classes continue at 1:00 pm for those who are interested in membership. And finally, our Latinos will gather at 6:00 pm for fellowship.

Finally, in looking ahead, we of course have our Second Spanish Mass coming up on August 19th. The Spanish Mass will be at 1:00 pm. Bishop Rick will be with us as celebrant and preacher for the 11:00 am service. That service will be English only.


Father Dewayne

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