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Learn About Our Ministries

Sometimes following Jesus means leading the way. 

Our Liturgy Team

The Work of the People

The word “liturgy” means "of the people." Therefore, the participation of members in our regular worship service is very important. Our various Lay Assistants serve as Lectors (reading the Scriptures); Crucifers (carrying the Cross); Ushers (which pass out our worship Missalettes and collect the offering); Oblationers (those presenting the Gifts of God for the People of God); Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers (assisting the Deacon in the preparation of the altar and at times, serving the chalice); and Altar Guild members (preparing the Sanctuary for the service).

We also rely heavily on our Cantor and Parish Musician to beautify our worship with the power of music, and our Audio-Visual and Digital Tech Ministers to coordinate sound, recording, live-streaming and more!

If you are interested in serving with the Liturgy Team, please contact our Interim Pastor Deacon Joshua.

The Parish Choir 

Praying Twice

LT Group.jpg

It has been said that they who sing pray twice. So our church musicians spend a lot of time in prayer!  Our Cantor, Parish Musician, Music Director, and Choir work in concert to provide uplifting music in worship on a year-round basis.  These are perhaps the most dedicated members of the parish and dedicate a great deal of their time and talent.  From September through the end of May our choir members gather for rehearsal on Wednesday evenings.  During the summer, June through August, they hold a rehearsal one Sunday afternoon per month.


Whether you sing, play an instrument or have another musical talent, the Parish’s music ministry has just the place for you. Reach out to our Cantor or Parish Musician if you would like to share your musical gifts with the parish.

Please note: The choir is on indefinite hiatus due to the COVID19  pandemic. 


Garden Grocery Food Pantry

Garden Grocery Food Pantry

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Our Buildings, Grounds, & Maintenance Team

Building Up the Kingdom

Our Buildings, Grounds, & Maintenance Team works hard behind the scenes to maintain and beautify the historic physical structure of The Parish Church of St. Jerome and its grounds. 

Many hands make light work, and there is plenty of work to do. From cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming the sanctuary, to taking out the trash and mowing the lawn, opportunities to get your hands dirty keeping our Church clean and tidy abound!

If you are interested in serving on this important ministry team, please reach out to  Paul Maschi, our Buildings and Grounds Team Leader. Thanks for your "service in the sanctuary of God's people."

Chili Night 2008 253.JPG

Our "Care and Share Circles" (Small-Groups) Team 

Putting Community First

Our Care and Share Circles Team is devoted to fostering  a greater sense of connection and community among the diverse membership of St. Jerome's. 

Through the small-groups approach to community building, the Care and Share Team makes sure everyone finds their niche at St. J's!  We are currently developing small groups for tabletop games, walking Riverside, the fine & performing arts, sporting events, & more!

Care and Share Circles can be ongoing, intermittent, or seasonal. If you have an idea for a Care and Share Circle you'd like to lead, please reach out to Deacon Joshua. Thank you for caring and sharing! 


Our Fundraising and Community Relations Team

Forward on a Firm Foundation

Our Fundraising and Community Relations Team is focused on strengthening our viability as a parish & guiding us into constructive  relationships in the Tulsa community.

This small three-person team includes a Fundraising Coordinator, a Community Relations Coordinator, and a "InReach" and Retention Coordinator. This vital team will work closely and collaboratively with the clergy and lay leadership of the parish. 

If you are interested in serving in any of these volunteer positions or would like more information, please reach out to Deacon Joshua. Thank you for considering serving in this important capacity! 


Our Christian Education and

Spiritual Formation Team 

Making Disciples 

Our Christian Education and Spiritual Formation Team works hard to strengthen and expand the educational ministries and spiritual enrichment offerings of the Parish Church of St. Jerome.


Our clergy oversee adult catechesis and spiritual formation, but we rely on volunteers to serve in other vital roles, including Youth Ministries Coordinator, Young Adult Ministries Coordinator, Elder Ministries Coordinator, and Catholic Devotions Coordinator. This vital team strives to provide Christian education and spiritual formation for the whole human person (Body, Mind, & Spirit) and the whole Christian community (from womb to tomb)!


If you are interested in serving on the Christian Education and Spiritual Formation Team, please reach out to Deacon Joshua. Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering this important ministry!

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Our Outreach and  Engagement Team

Reaching Out, Raising Up

Our Outreach and Community Engagement Team strives to reach beyond the Parish Church of St. Jerome to increase our missional reach and impact in the Tulsa community and throughout Green Country!

While our clergy oversee our ecumenical and interfaith initiatives, we rely on Lay Missioners to spearhead outreach to the LGBTQI community, the Hispanic community, disaffected Catholics, "The Heights" neighborhood, the poor and the homeless, and interfaith and unaffiliated couples and families. If you have a heart for mission and a passion for outreach, this is the ministry team for you!

If you are interested in serving on the Outreach and Community Engagement Team, please reach out to our Interim Pastor. Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering joining this new ministry team!

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Our Parish Administrative Support Team

Empowering & Equipping Ministry

Our Parish Administrative Support Team provides administrative and organizational support for our parish, its lay and ordained leadership, it's committees and teams, and its varied ministries. 

The Parish Administrative Support Team is made up of five volunteers. Four persons serve one day a week Monday - Thursday during office hours, while a 5th serves "as needed" when other team members are unavailable. In addition to answering phones and overseeing assigned secretarial duties, this team also provides administrative support to the Pastor, the Vestry, and our other ministry teams. 

If you are interested in serving on the Parish Administrative Support Team, please reach out to Deacon Joshua. Thank you in advance for donating your time and talents to the Parish Church of St. Jerome! 

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