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Living Out Our Faith

Built upon the belief that ALL people are to take part in the Royal Priesthood of Jesus Christ.  We encourage all our members to participate in our various parish ministries and events.  Studies clearly show that those members who are active feel more connected and more fulfilled spiritually.

Almost 70% of the parish’s active members participate in one or more ministries of the church.


Our ministries of the Parish are as diverse as its members. Check out the ministries listed to the side and below.  

Garden Grocery Food Pantry

Caring for the Hungry

Our Food Pantry is similar to a small, free, grocery store available to those with limited resources. Participants are able to select food and household items they need rather than being forced to take unwanted products they might not use. 


Our Pantry is affiliated with the State's program and thus we must abide by state guidelines.  Our participants are referred to us by several local agencies. These agencies verify the participant's need and their needs may be based on medical disability or financial/economic hardship. That way we know that the support we offer is truly helping those in need. Throughout the year, we serve dozens and dozens of individuals, couples and families.  

Our hours of operation are:
Wednesday at 5:30 to 7:00 pm
and Thursday 1:30 to 3:00 pm.

Lay Assistants

Assisting in Worship

The word “liturgy” means "of the people." Therefore, the participation of members in our regular worship service is very important. Our various Lay Assistants serve as Lectors (reading the Scriptures); Crucifers (carrying the Cross); Ushers (which pass out our worship Missalettes and collect the offering); Oblationers (those presenting the Gifts of God for the People of God); Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers (assisting the Deacon in the preparation of the altar and at times, serving the chalice); and Altar Guild members (preparing the Sanctuary for the service).

If you are interested in participating in any of these forms of ministry, please contact Fr. Dewayne

Music Ministry

Lifting Voices in Song

St. Augustine said that those who sing pray twice.  So our Parish Choir members are always in prayer!  Our Music Director, Organist and Choir work together as a unit to provide uplifting music in worship on a year-round basis.  These are perhaps the most dedicated members of the parish and dedicate a great deal of their time and talent.  From September through the end of May our choir members gather for rehearsal on Wednesday evenings.  During the summer, June through August, they hold a rehearsal one Sunday afternoon per month.


Whether you sing, play an instrument or have another musical talent, the Parish’s music ministry has just the place for you.

Our Elected Leaders

Using Leadership Skills

The Parish is governed by what we call a “Vestry”. Similar to a Board of Directors, the Vestry directs and manages all aspects of the Parish.  The Vestry is specifically charged with overseeing the financial and fiduciary aspects of our church.  They also oversee the physical plant to make sure our historic church building is properly maintained and cared for.  In partnership with the clergy, the Vestry helps determine the goals and plans for our parish's mission and ministry.  As elected representatives of the membership, the Vestry members serve as the voice of the Parish.

Other elected leaders are those who serve as Lay Delegates for our Diocesan and Communion's Synods.  These gatherings  are similar to a church convention where delegates gather to make decisions beyond the parish community.  


At the Parish Church of St. Jerome, there is a leadership position for everyone. 

Children's Education

Teaching our Children the Faith

We are pleased to offer Children's Education / Sunday School / Catechesis two Sundays per month.  These classes are taught by our volunteers and help our children learn the core principles of our faith.  These classes prepare them to receive the Church's Sacraments. 

Whether you are interested in preparing your child for Baptism, Communion, or Confirmation, consider encouraging them to participate in our Children's Ed program. Our Children's Education is usually offered at 10:30 on an ever-other Sunday rotation.  Please check the church calendar for specific dates and times.  


If you are interested in assisting us with teaching our children, please contact Fr. Dewayne.    


We Are Pack 226

A NEW ministry at St. Jerome's is our Cub Scout pack.  The Pack number was selected from Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it."  We affirm that scouting can be a great way to instill important values and help children become well-adjusted and successful adults. 

We were the first Pack in our local Council to offer Inclusive Scouting to boys, girls and LGBTQ kids.  We believe this reflects our open and inclusive stance and furthers our parish's mission to welcome all!

Compañerismo Latino

Latino Fellowship and Spanish Mass

We believe that God is calling us to be a place that welcomes all.  Thus it is only natural that we reach out to those who are traditionally overlooked or disenfranchised.  In this regard, we have begun a Latino Outreach as a way to offer a safe place for those who have not felt welcomed in other churches.  We offer a Compañerismo Latino (Latino Fellowship Group) meeting on a bi-monthly basis.  The group gathers for conversation, food and prayer.


As of July, 2018, are now offering a Mass in Spanish one Sunday per month.  This provides an opportunity for our Latinos to worship in a way that is comfortable and familiar.  On the other Sundays of the month our worship includes both Spanish and English and our Missals (our worship aids) are printed bilingually.   

Ecumenical Outreach

Building Relationships with Others

We are part of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.  The ECC affirms that we are a part of the larger, universal Christian/Catholic Church - the Body of Christ.  And following our Old Catholic heritage we understand the importance of seeking communion with other Catholics.


On the local level, The Parish Church of St. Jerome is committed to developing its ecumenical relationships with other like-minded communities of faith.  

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