The Parish Church of St. Jerome welcomes visitors to every worship service. We look forward to greeting you personally, and we hope that the answers to these frequently asked questions will help you feel at home.

We're glad you're here!



St. Jerome is an Inclusive, Old Catholic, Anglican-Rite parish and a member of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion. Our basic beliefs are summarized in :
  • The teachings and person of Jesus Christ
  • The New Testament
  • The Nicene Creed
  • The Sacramental & Liturgical tradition
  • Apostolic Tradition and Succession affirmed

 We are an open and affirming communion recognizing the value and dignity of every person, in our God-given diversity regardless of your heritage, culture, financial status, sexual orientation, sexual identity, age, gender, or marital status.

 We celebrate all seven sacraments with the two major sacraments being Baptism and Holy Communion in obedience to the teaching of Jesus Christ.

We recognize that Jesus is the host of the Eucharistic celebration and therefore all are welcome to the table of the Lord and Saint Jerome's !



A copy of the service bulletin, including hymns for the day was given to you by our Ushers. The order of service is contained in this bulletin. You can also find the prayers , responses and details about the celebration of Mass in the Missalette found in the Pew rack. We customarily stand to praise God (when we sing), sit to learn (when we hear the lessons, the sermon, or announcements), and kneel to pray. We follow the order of service and participate audibly in the people's responses. We also spend time during each service greeting one another with a sign of peace. Customarily we are "huggers", but shaking hands is just fine, too. The "peace", as we call it, is a great time to meet other members of the Parish Church of St. Jerome. Feel free to stand, sit, kneel, and share the "peace" with the congregation as you feel comfortable. If you need assistance in finding your place as we move through the service, a member of our congregation is always willing to help you.  Following the service we invite you to join us for our coffee hour in the undercroft (that's our way of saying the basement). 


All  persons are not only welcome, but encouraged to join us at Christ's Table. Our custom is to kneel or stand at the altar rails, and receive the Bread in our open hands. After consuming the Bread, we receive the cup, by assisting the server to guide it to our lips. Children who have been baptized may receive Communion at the Parish Church of St. Jerome. Children who do not receive Communion are encouraged to accompany their parents to the altar rail, cross their arms over their chest, and receive a blessing.


You can learn more about Christianity by becoming involved in our Parish community. As you make friends here, you will experience the love of Jesus Christ in action. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions through our Inquirer's Class and small study groups. When you worship with us, please be certain to sign our welcome card found in the Pew rack . We offer a wide variety of ministry and fellowship opportunities throughout the year. We hope you will join us. Our Clergy, Vestry, and active members all want to meet you and they will be glad to answer any questions you might have.


If you are looking for a church home or just have questions about St. Jerome's or your faith, our clergy will be glad to talk to you.  If you are not already baptized, you may join by profession of faith in Jesus Christ, followed by the sacrament of Christian baptism. If you have been already been baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, your baptism is valid.  You may have a record of baptism sent from your former Church, regardless of the denomination.  If you are interested in joining the St. Jerome's, we ask that you complete a confirmation form, and plan on attending our Inquirers Classes, offered at different times throughout the year, and prepare to be received or “Confirmed” by our Bishop.  If you have already been confirmed in a similar denomination (such as Anglican or Catholic), you might also be able to join by being received into our branch of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.



Our regular worship service is held at 11:00 AM every Sunday morning. We also offer Evening Prayer on prominent Saints’ Days and of course we celebrate important Holy Days as announced. (For more information about upcoming services, check our interactive church calendar or send our administrative assistant an email at stjadmin@stjerometulsa.org.) Adult education classes are held at varying times during the year . Throughout the year we hold a variety of special activities, such as Feast of Title and Parish Picnic , our annual Mardi Gras Celebration, Round Robin dinners, Bible studies, and the Annual Blessing of the Animals. The Parish Church of St. Jerome publishes a weekly newsletter called Around the Parish which lists weekly scripture readings, activities, prayers and concerns of the parish and other special features. (Please send an email to our Administrative Assistant  at stjadmin@stjerometulsa.org, by clicking this link, if you’d like to receive our weekly emails.) You may also keep checking our website to learn more about us, our denomination, and our upcoming activities.

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Where to Find Us


The Parish Church of St. Jerome is located at

205 W King Street Tulsa, OK 74106

 at the corner of West King and North Cheyenne in Tulsa's Historic Brady Heights.



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